WiFi CCTV Cameras can also be called as Wireless CCTV Cameras. These cameras transmit videos data over a digital connection as WiFi, Ethernet and USB etc. You do not need all of the wires in Wi-Fi Cameras. A Wireless IP CCTV camera works by connecting to your home broadband wireless connection, so you can place it anywhere within range of your wireless router.


Benefits of installing Wi-Fi CCTV Camera


1. It needs No Wires: This is one of the most specific advantages of wireless camera that it transmits videos and audios data over digit connection (Wi-fi).


2. Flexibility: The wireless Camera is flexible and you can place it at your desired location. You can program the Wi-Fi CCTV Cameras to a range of settings. You can also physically move them to a different location without dealing with wires.


3. Secured Footage: The Wireless CCTV Camera you can get with alarm monitoring services.The wireless surveillance systems  can save data directly to the cloud. This will help you to keep the recordings completely safe.


4. Easy Accessibility: This cctv camera is easy to access. Even you can situate the receiver at the long distance from the main camera and still pick it up.


A simple CCTV Camera works with a closed circuit. So, it is difficult to change this hard-wired setup. To resolve the same issue, we are now providing you the latest Wireless and IP CCTV Camera.


SMV IT Solution provides all types  of wifi CCTV Camera Products and installation services. We also provide waterproof cameras for excellent video quality recordings in outdoor surveillance system. Our expert engineers install and setup accurate position of CCTV Cameras for complete surveillance of your locations.