Networking company in patna

SMV IT SOLUTION is also providing solution for LAN NETWORK CABELLING. As we know that the LAN caballing is such a strategy as we can connect more computers together in a Local Area for the purpose of communicating with one another. By this facility we can share files or resources like printers. This is a technology related to Computer Network which is used for connecting some computers within a limited area. LAN meant for LOCAL AREA NETWORK. It is a network that links computer devices within a building or a group of adjoining buildings situated within one kilometer. LAN is now very important for the operation of many businesses today. In the general way LANs use Ethernet, a data link layer protocol, and internet protocol, a network layer protocol. A LAN is included with many elements such as printers, IP phones, servers, PCs, monitors, security software, office productivity applications and many more. The Troubleshooting is the job for the engineers and technicians.