Banking Printer is such a special printer which are used for some specific printing like Bank Drafts, Some special Security Forms, Cash Certificates, Revenue Receipt Books etc. These printers use multi-colors and designs which cannot be counterfeited easily.

There are two types of Banking Printers:-

  1. Kiosk machines: Kiosk machine is the newest technology based machine which are used for banking purposes. By this machine even you can open an account in a particular bank. This machine will automatically do verification related to all banking criteria. Kiosk banking machine is made on the basis of Artificial Intelligence. By this machine, a customer can open an account. This machine will record fingerprints details and take photograph of the customer. For the purpose of Know Your Customer Process, all the details and documents are forwarded to the affiliated bank branch. When the account is open, a customer can withdraw or deposit maximum 10000 Rs per day by this machine. This Kiosk Machine is Internet Enable. This type of machine is very tough to repair for a simple hardware engineer. But we are the expert in repairing such machines. We provide complete solutions of repairing such machines.
  2. Simple printing machines for banking purposes: This type of machine goes on working from the beginning of the bank related printing machine. This is very old version of the printer. Generally it is used for printing Bank Drafts and pass-books. SMV IT SOLUTION provides the best repairing solutions for this type of printing machines.