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about us

Who We Are

SMV IT solution is one of the best companies in IT sector. This company provides the best services as CCTV Installation, LAN Network caballing, Banking Printer Solution, Bio-Metric Solution, Desk-Top, Laptop Repairing, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Fire Fighting Services, IT Consultancy Services. All these solutions you can get at very affordable charges. SMV IT Solutions consult and usually provide repairing solutions for hardware and software to the businesses. We also hold maintenance contracts where we sort out problems and do upgrades etc.

SMV IT Solutions provide all services at all places in Patna in the office and on site at the clients' premises. SMV IT SOLUTION is a global provider of Consulting, Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. The company is focused on delivering value through integrated solutions for data intensive business processes that help enterprises across the country to overcome business challenges. These solutions leverage innovations in technology, knowledge of business processes, and domain expertise to provide clients a competitive edge.

SMV IT Solution is always helpful to the clients for providing all IT Solutions. We always focus on customer/clients satisfaction. Some details of our services are below:-

1. CCTV Installation: CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Tele-Vision. This is just a TV system which is used to monitor basically for surveillance and security purposes. CCTV is based on the strategy of cameras and observation of the input on a monitor at a certain place.

2. LAN Network caballing: By the LAN caballing, we can connect more computers together in a Local Area for the purpose of communicate with one another and share files or resources like printers. This is a Computer Network which is used for connecting some computers within a limited area. LAN is the short form of Local Area Network.

3. Banking Printer Solution: Banking Printer is generally used for printing Bank Drafts, Some special Security Forms, Pass-books, Revenue Receipt Books etc. These printers use multi-colors and designs which cannot be counterfeited easily. There are two types of Banking Printers:- (a) Kiosk machines: Kiosk Machine is such a modern machine which is based on Artificial Intelligence. This machine automatically does the verification of banking criteria. A customer can now open an account and even deposit and withdraw money amount using this machine. We can say this machine is advance development of an ATM. Because in ATM, the amount deposit facility was not available but now in KIOSK Machine this facility is available. (b) Simple printing machines for banking purposes: This is an old type of machine that can be used as printing Bank Drafts and pass-books etc.

4. Bio-Metric Solution: BIOMETRIC machine is the modern technology used for attendance purposes. This machine can make a record separately for different working staff. This machine can make report of the staff entrance and exit, break time or any type of Ins and Outs. This machine automatically make attendance of the staff and count down his net login hours and total login hours etc. The machine will record the time and date and the details of employee id, name and department and all required details whichever pre-instructed in the beginning.

5. Desk-Top/Laptop Repairing: The best REPAIRING SERVICE for Desktop or Laptop is provided by SMV IT SOLUTION. This company provides services as: Desktop Repair and Maintenance, Laptop Repair AND Maintenance, Computer Repairing, Virus Removal, Operating System Installation, All versions of Windows Installation, Antivirus Software, Firewall Solutions, Spyware Removal, Software Upgradation, Software Installation, Network Wiring, Wireless / LAN Setup, Data Backup Provisions, Computer Speedup Solutions and Troubleshooting etc. Basically this company focuses on customer satisfaction and you can get these services at affordable cost.

6. Annual Maintenance Contracts: SMV IT SOLUTION is now also taking contract for annual maintenance and services. If any problem occurs during the contract period then this company will resolve as per the contract terms and conditions. The contract may include the problems of repairing as: Desk-Top/Laptop Repairing, Fire Fighting Services, CCTV, LAN Network caballing, Banking Printer Solution, Bio-Metric Solution, etc.

7. Fire Fighting Services: SMV IT SOLUTION provides service related to fire fighting. This service is very necessary for all business organization to escape from a fire disaster. We provide you all services of fire extinguisher and we set the fire extinguisher properly at appropriate place.

8. IT Consultancy Services: IT consulting company supports any other business company. SMV IT SOLUTION is one of the best consulting service provider with complete customer satisfaction. We always design a successful strategy for a particular project.